Curtain lines

Oreon Roller Courtain

  • Machine for the production of roller blinds. The roller blind train is responsible for cutting the fabric to the desired length and the longitudinal stitching of each piece, as well as the insertion of the label.
  • Minimum workpiece size 400*400 mm. and maximum 2000*2300 mm.

  • Managed by an OMRON controller with touch terminal interface.

  • Electro-pneumatic machine manufactured in formed steel with structure finished in electro-galvanised and fire-lacquered paint.

3D image

Máquina para fabricar cortinas - Roller Curtain - Imagen en 3D

Oreon Roller Courtain video in action

Oreon Roller Courtain Technical Documentation

Here you will find all the technical specifications of the Oreon Roller Courtain