Curtain lines

Auriga 2300

  • Machine for the manufacture of shower curtains in their entirety. Starting from a roll that configures the height of the curtain, the edges, counterweight insertion, selvedges, seams with hems, labelling, folding and stacking on a conveyor belt from 1 to 10 units per pile are carried out.
  • Managed by OMRON’s SYSMAC automation controller (with the availability of Ethercat and Ethernet-Ip communication buses), HMI on touch terminals and colour or contrast sensors to provide ultra-fast response speeds. And all managed from a single software with the possibility of updates and maintenance via remote connections.

  • It is electro-pneumatic with an electrical consumption of 3.5kW and pneumatic of 362 l/min. It is manufactured in formed steel and the structure is finished in electro-galvanised and fire-lacquered paint.

  • Production between 350 units/hour, calculated on a garment of 1.50*1.80 (3.1 m/m stitch).

3D image

Máquina para fabricar cortinas - Auriga 2300 - Imagen en 3D

Auriga 2300 video in action

Auriga 2300 Technical Documentation

Here you will find all the technical specifications of the Auriga 2300