Our Industrial Textile Machinery Categories

We understand that Spain’s industrial fabric is one of the most important in the world and that is why all our industrial textile machinery is 100% manufactured here.

At Jofesa, we fuse tradition with innovation to offer you textile machines that make a difference. Explore our categories and discover how we can take your textile production to the next level. Contact us today to start your journey towards excellence in textile machinery!


Welcome to Jofesa - Your Destination for Innovation in Industrial Textile Machinery

Discover a world of excellence in the manufacturing of textile machinery at Jofesa. We are proud to present an extensive range of textile machines designed to increase efficiency and quality in textile production. Browse our specialized categories and find the perfect solution for every aspect of your manufacturing process.

Below are all the lines that we work and within, each machine of those lines that we have:

Surgical Mask Textile Machinery

Bed Sheet Maker Textile Machines

Duvet Cover Textile

Towel Manufacturer Textile Machines

Pillow Machinery

Textile Machines for Making Curtains and Blinds

Floor Cleaning Machines

Textile Cutting Machines

Innovation and Quality Define Our Textile Machines

Discover the revolution in textile machinery with Jofesa, precision, efficiency and quality in each category. We now have more than 35 years of experience providing the highest quality for greater efficiency in our clients’ textile industries.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and receive personalized advice! Let us be your partner in textile success. Let’s talk now!

Optimize and Automate your Textile Production with Jofesa!

From textile machines for pillow factories to solutions for towel manufacturers, we offer the most complete range to elevate your manufacturing process. We are ready to boost your production with exceptional innovation and quality. Ready to take your business to the next level?

Pillow Machinery

Dive into comfort with our state-of-the-art Pillow Machinery for Pillowcase production. From design to manufacturing, our textile machinery ensures the creation of high-quality pillowcase covers that meet the most demanding market standards. Ideal for pillow factories seeking quality and innovation.



Textile Cutting Machines

Optimize your textile cutting process with our advanced industrial textile cutting machines. Precision and efficiency come together to deliver flawless results in every textile industrial cut. With Jofesa, perfect fabric cutting is a guarantee.



Textile Machines for Making Curtain and Blind

Transform the way you making curtains and blinds with our specialized textile machines. From custom design to mass production, our solutions for curtain and blind manufacturers will help you stand out in the market with high-quality products. Automate your curtain and blind manufacturing process with Jofesa.



Floor Cleaning Machines

Innovation at every step. Discover our Textile Machines for Floor Mops that raise the standard in the manufacturing of cleaning products. Efficiency, durability, and superior results come together in each textile machine, thanks to the quality and innovation of Jofesa.



Duvet Cover Textile Machinery

Produce duvet covers with our state-of-the-art textile machines, perfection in every stitch. Solutions that will allow you to stand out in the competitive home textile market. Automate your production process and excel within the textile industry.



Surgical Mask Textile Machinery

In times when health is paramount, our Surgical Mask Textile Machines give you the ability to produce high-quality masks efficiently and safely. Contribute to the safety of your community with our reliable solutions.



Bed Sheet Maker Textile Machines

From simple sheets to more elaborate designs, our textile machines are designed to address all your needs. Experience excellence in sheet manufacturing with Jofesa and automate the production process of your sheet factory with our bed sheet maker textile machines.



Towels Manufacturer Textile Machines

Superior quality fabric. Our Textile Machines for towel manufacturers offer the perfect combination of softness and durability. Meet market demands with textile machinery for towel factories that produce products known for their quality