Towel Lines

AURIGA 3600 Towel Machine

  • Machine for the manufacture of towels in its entirety, where starting from the fabric on a pallet or hanger, it is loaded by traction for cutting, the seams with hems and the labelling of the garment are made, and then it is folded as programmed and finally stacked on a conveyor belt between 1 to 10 units per package.
  • Managed by OMRON’s SYSMAC automation controller (with the availability of Ethercat and Ethernet-Ip communication buses.), HMI on touch terminals and colour or contrast sensors to provide ultra-fast response speeds…  And all managed from a single software with the possibility of updates and maintenance via remote connections.
  • Auriga 3600 is electro-pneumatic with an electrical power of 3,500w and a pneumatic consumption of 362 l/min.
  • This is the difference between the Auriga 2600 and the Auriga 3600 because production depends on the number and size of garments, but this one produces more volume:

    7 garments (300 x 580): 1400 pieces/hour

    5 garments (505 x 1010): 1100 pieces/hour

    4 garments (700 x 1450): 900 pieces/hour

    3 garments (1020 x 1530): 800 pieces/hour

3D image

Fabricación de toallas - Auriga 3600 - Imagen en 3D

AURIGA 3600 Towel Machine video in action

AURIGA 3600 Towel Machine Technical Documentation

Here you will find all the technical specifications of the AURIGA 3600 Towel Machine