Floor cleaning line

Floor cleaner BETA V with packing machine

  • Machine for manufacturing cotton fibre or cotton thread mops in their traditional form. The production line is a set of interlinked machines that are synchronised to form a single system, allowing all the processes necessary for the manufacture and packaging of the product to be carried out.

  • It’s improvements over its predecessor are:

    • Increased production and reduced pneumatic consumption, making it much more profitable.
    • Improvements to security systems.
    • Reduction of environmental noise, producing an improvement in the quality of work and saving plastic as it is bagged in common bags.
  • Managed by OMRON’s SYSMAC automation controller (with the availability of Ethercat and Ethernet-Ip communication buses), HMI on touch terminals and colour or contrast sensors to provide ultra-fast response speeds. And all managed from a single software with the possibility of updates and maintenance via remote connections.

  • It’s electro-pneumatic with an electrical consumption of 1.7kW and a pneumatic consumption of 600 l/min. Manufactured in formed steel with structure finished in electro-galvanised and fire-lacquered paint.

  • Production depends on the size and model of the product, which can reach up to 1,500 units/hour.

3D image

Floor cleaner BETA V with packing machine video in action

Floor cleaner BETA V with packing machine Technical Documentation

Here you will find all the technical specifications of the Floor cleaner BETA V with packing machine