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Cutting Machine Textile FLASH

  • A textile cutting machine textile that lays the fabric flat and makes the cuts to the desired size, stacks the product on the first table to the pre-selected quantity and then moves the batch to the second table to minimise machine downtime.
  • It is capable of producing the equivalent of four people, is roll-fed, has a usable size of 3300×3000, and is managed by an OMRON automaton with touch terminal interface.
  • It is electro-pneumatic with an electrical consumption of 16.5kW and pneumatic pressure of 6 Bars, manufactured in formed steel with a structure finished in electro-galvanised and fire-lacquered paint.
  • It can make a 1 metre cut in 5.45 seconds, while a 2 metre cut takes 6.35 seconds, so the output is between 300 and 400 pieces/hour depending on the size.

Textil Cutting Machine Cloth 3D image

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Cutting Machine Textile FLASH video in action

Cutting Machine Textile FLASH Technical Documentation

Here you will find all the technical specifications of the Cutting Machine Textile FLASH

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